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The church was built in the 4th century, it was decorated with mosaics in the 5th century and restored by Theodoric and by popes of the 8th century. During the Byzantine domination in Rome, it served as an official church of the representatives of the Eastern Roman Empire, who's residence was on the Palatine Hill. Further modifications in the construction's look were brought during the works of the 13th and restoration of the 15th century, by the order of Sixtus IV, who had a bell-tower built. After the collapse of the facade and portico in front of it in 1636, Urban VIII ordered creation of the new facade to Luigi Arrigucci. The present aspect of the church is totally of the 18th century (except the facade), as it was rearranged in 1722 by Carlo Gimacchi da Malta for the order of Portuguese Cardinal Da Cunha. Interior has three naves and a transept with an apse and High Altar. The tribune of the apse is richly decorated with precious marbles. The painting decorations are by L. Baldi. The aisles are shorter than the nave and have two chapels each. Excavations beneath the church revealed that it was built over the constructions annexed to the Circus Maximus.
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